Welcome to the Johnson County Charter Commission

The 2021 Johnson County Charter Commission is established pursuant to the Johnson County Home Rule Charter, which was approved by the Johnson County voters in 2000.  The Charter Commission is charged with reviewing Johnson County government operations and presenting its findings and recommendations to the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners. The composition and appointment of the Charter Commission is specified by Kansas statute.  The Charter Commission consists of 25 individuals, who have been appointed by the various authorities as provided by state law. This website provides information on the Charter Commission’s meetings and other resources regarding the Charter Commission’s activities and responsibilities. 

History of the Charter Commission

The Johnson County Charter Commission was formed in 1999 to study the structure of Johnson County Government and to make recommendations for improvements. In May 2000, the Charter Commission submitted its report and proposed Home Rule Charter for Johnson County with three questions for voters:

  • Appointment of a county manager and elimination of three elected officers – county treasurer, county clerk and register of deeds – with the positions to be appointed by the county manager.
  • Increase the number of the Board of County Commissioners from five to seven members, including a publicly elected, at-large chairman.
  • Non-partisan elections for county commissioners.

On November 7, 2000, the voters of Johnson County approved and adopted the new charter and all three questions.  The Home Rule Charter became effective on January 11, 2001.

The Home Rule Charter requires a new Charter Commission be convened every ten years.  In 2011, a Charter Commission was established and delivered its final report to the Board of County Commissioners. There were no amendments proposed to the Home Rule Charter in the 2011 final report.